Magnus Hidráulica

First Company of Mobile Hydraulics Company in Brazil with ISO 9001 in the remanufacturing process pumps, hydraulic motors and hydraulic controls and hydraulic solutions.

Magnus Hidraulica has been operating for 35 years in the remanufacturing market and spare oil-dynamic hydraulic components.

Companies like BOSCH REXROTH, DANFOSS, LINDE HYDRAULICS, HYDROTECHNIK trust their distribution and their products to us. All this confidence is due to the recognition of the high standard of quality criteria and transparency we work for the best end result for the user.
The Magnus concentrated its efforts on Mining segments, Foresty, Paving, Heavy Construction, Off-Shore, Agriculture, Cargo Handling, Projects and Systems and others.


Magnus hydraulics search, provide remanufacturing services oil-dynamic equipment and spare components, continuously enhance customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations, the improvement of its business processes, effective management of available resources and strengthening business partnerships.

Vantagens Magnus

  • Company founded over 36 years;
  • Outstanding performance in service and aftermarket;
  • Credibility, respect and recognition in the market;
  • Trained personnel and specialized in the most prestigious brands in the market;
  • Standardization work;
  • Continuous investments in facilities, software-ERP, Certifications, Personnel and Infrastructure.
  • Loyalty and Respect the agreed partnerships;
  • Structure ready to meet the service and aftermarket with implemented quality;
  • Respect for employees and social inclusion;
  • Location nearby the main highways and the country’s largest international airport.
  • 1st. Company in Brazil with ISO 9001 certification in its remanufacturing service process.

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